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About Us

Hanok Korean Class has taught over a thousand students since its establishment in 2010. Our interactive and activities-filled lessons draw real examples from Korean culture such as popular K-pop or K-drama entertainment genres relevant to our objectives of learning the Korean language, making us Singapore’s Korean language center of choice. Furthermore, we encourage our students to use as much Korean as possible in class for effective learning.

The principal teacher, with over ten years experience in conducting Korean language classes in Singapore, carefully selects the teachers in Hanok. All our teachers are certified and have taken the Korean Language Teacher Certification Program.. Our teachers have either taken the Korean Language Teacher Certification Program or have extensive teaching experience in Korea. With our rich experience and systematic teaching style, we deliver informative and interactive courses that are not only educational but also extremely fun. We strongly believe that the Korean Language lessons we conduct should be taught in Korean to better comprehend the language, which is why our teachers use as much Korean as possible since Lesson 1.

Over the years, we have developed the skill to explain important points in English (sometimes Chinese and Singlish!) which is vital to encourage efficient learning at the beginner stage. Our focus is to make the learning experience a fun, effective and holistic one. The aim is for our students to hold a conversation in the Korean language and understand Korean shows without relying on subtitles as much as possible. Learn Korean Language in Singapore with our course today and surprise yourself with how much you can grasp in just a month. It’ll come so naturally to you that you’ll find yourself crooning along to K-Pop songs before you know it! Hanok is conveniently located near Jurong East MRT station, surrounded by Kopitiams and shopping malls.

Hanok’s Singapore-based Korean language classes are well-structured, systematic and interactive which make them ideal for Singaporean students. Not your ordinary ‘Korean for foreigners’ classes, we ensure that our syllabus is well-covered in depth and detail. At Hanok, our exceptional teaching ability combined with quality service and a keen desire to learn by our students sets us apart as a reasonably priced Korean language school. The friendly and enthusiastic teachers are always ready to assist students in exploring more useful and fun ways in the hope to make them more well-versed with the Korean language. We also provide opportunities for students to interact with each other through class discussions to help them improve their conversational skills. Such active steps will help our students speed up and gain a deeper understanding of the Korean culture ultimately making progress at the language. Our school has been recognised for its quality education thanks to our qualified and experienced teachers and interesting ways of conducting our lessons. When you think about learning Korean, Hanok comes to mind as the best place to learn Korean language in Singapore.