Welcome to Hanok
Korean Class

Our Teaching Approach

Since our establishment in 2010, our classes have seen the smiles of over a thousand students. Our interactive and activity-filled lessons draw from real-life situations one may encounter in South Korea, as well as examples from K-pop and K-drama, to better engage the students by making the students interact with the language through speaking and understanding. We also actively incorporate new and trending phrases so as to stay up to date with how the language is used, making us Singapore’s Korean language school of choice.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are a carefully selected group of engaging educators whom are all certified via the Korean Language Teacher Certification Program under various renowned institutes in Korea . Together with our Principal, we aim to deliver the best quality Korean language education to our students.

 The trusted school for a quality Korean course

Over the years, we have developed and improved upon the art behind explaining the important points of the Korean language in English (sometimes in Mandarin or even Singlish!) which is vital in encouraging efficient learning at a beginner stage. Our focus is to make Korean lessons fun, effective and holistic.

Convenient locations at affordable fees

Our two learning centres are located in the West and CBD area, conveniently located a few minutes’ walk away from Jurong East and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations respectively; irregardless of location, the school fees are kept at an affordable rate to make it as accessible as possible for all learners interested in the Korean language.