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안녕하세요! Annyeong!


The Sino-Korean word or Hanja for “안녕” (Annyeong) is 安寧 which means “peace”.

So this quintessential Korean greeting is wishing you peace at heart.



Teacher Wann is the principal and founder of Hanok. She is a born and bred Singaporean and leads the team of native Korean teachers in Hanok. Her wealth of experience in learning and teaching Korean for over a decade has benefited her students in her classes and her careful selection of the teachers.

Teacher Wann started teaching in 2002 after completing her graduate diploma course in Korean Language at Sogang University. Under Korea Foundation’s Scholarship Program, she became the first and still only Singaporean to complete her Master’s course in Korean Language and Literature and receive her Korean Language Teachers Training in Kyung Hee University. She has done interpretation work for various Kpop concerts and Mediacorp, in English and Mandarin. She was awarded the Ambassador’s Award at the 13th International Korean Oratory Competition in 2008. Her life before Hanok was translating and analyzing Korean financial statements for Apple Computers, while teaching part-time at various institutes.

She has taught extensively in Korea, helping foreigners to learn the language and in Singapore at NUS Extension, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic. Her teaching engagements includes for Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Inland Revenue Authority, ITE College Central and Standard Chartered Bank.

Base on her own learning experience, she believes that speaking and listening is the focus of Korean language learning in the classroom, with emphasis on practicing reading and writing at home for the students. The teachers go through training with her, so they can better explain Korean grammar more efficiently to their students.



Teacher Lee became interested in teaching Korean after doing language exchange with her local friends in Singapore. She took up the Korean Language Teaching Course at the renowned Sungkyunkwan University which is founded during the Joseon Dynasty. She is curious about languages and has taken a two-year French course in Switzerland. She is popular with students for her friendliness and patience.

She attained her Korean Language Teaching Certificate from Seoul National University.



Teacher Noh may be the youngest among our teachers, but she is also the most versatile in languages. After completing her high school studies in New Zealand, she went on to pursue a double major in Chinese and Japanese at the University of Auckland. She taught English to pre-school and elementary school students in Korea before coming to Singapore. Having learned languages herself, her own learning experiences help her in making her Korean Language classes fun and effective.

She completed her course in teaching Korean as a Foreign Language at Kyunghee University with a Level 2 Certificate approved by National Institute of Korean Language.



With a bright and cheerful personality, it may come as a surprise that Teacher Jo graduated with a Master’s Degree Bio-Engineering at KAIST, an institution recognized not just in Korea, but as Asia’s premier science and engineering university. The first Korean to fly in space was from KAIST! Teacher Jo herself worked as a research-engineer at KAIST for more than 11 years. She was in Abu Dhabi with her family for a few years before moving to Singapore. She is fluent in English and Japanese. Her interesting background allows her to enrich students’ learning experience – making her a dynamic and compelling Korean language instructor.
She attained her Korean Language Teaching Certificate from Yonsei University.



Having lived in Australia and Malaysia before moving to Singapore, it’s no wonder that Teacher Ahn is fluent in English as well as in her native Korean. Teacher Ahn has a vibrant and cheerful spirit which makes students feel comfortable speaking to her.

She attained her teaching license in Seoul back in 2018, but she is already very well-versed with teaching and her students love her.



Although not required and taken into account when registering language teachers with Singapore’s Ministry of Education, teachers in HANOK hold certificates for teaching Korean as a Foreign Language approved by Korea’s National Institute of Korean Language. Many teachers living outside Korea take up the online training and pass a written and practical examination to receive the certification.
Level 3 is the most basic level and Level 1 is the highest, base on their Korean language teaching experience and relevant academic background.