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Learn Korean with BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

Learn Korean with Blackpink – Kill this Love

~ 같은 ~

Yesterday we went to KTV and watched Kill the Love. I can’t sing no Kpop idol tunes. No swag in the rap. Cannot hit the high notes. But I can explain Korean grammar in the lyrics. So I’ve been thinking the first two lines.

천사 같은 hi

끝엔 악마 같은 bye
“Noun 2 같은 Noun 1” is quite an easy grammar to pick up. Essentially you are describing Noun 1. And you liken Noun 1 to Noun 2. To make it easier, the noun which is being described is underlined.


Noun 2 같은 Noun 1 = Noun 1 like Noun 2.

천사 같은 “hi” = “Hi” like an angel
천사 같은 = You who is like angel
너 같은 천사 = Angel like you


천사 같은 친구 = Friend who is like an angel
친구 같은 천사 = An angel who is like a friend
천사 같은 = Chen who is like an angel


So what does second line in the song mean?
악마 같은 “bye” = ________ like ____________


Translation Exercises – Use the helping words below to form a phrase.

  1. A bad guy who is like you.
  2. A singer such as Park Hyoshin.
  3. A good person like me.
  4. A weather like today’s.
  5. A place like a home.
  6. A country like here.
  7. Animals such as a cute puppy.
  8. A friend who’s like an elder brother.
  9. A mother who’s like a friend.
  10. A friend who’s like a mother.
  11. You who’s like rubbish.
  12. A person who’s like a dog.

너     /     나쁜     /     놈     /     박효신     /     가수     /     나라     /     여기     /     동물

나     /     좋은 사람     /     오늘     /     날씨     /     귀여운 강아지     /     친구     /     형

집     /     공간     /     어머니     /     사람     /     쓰레기     /     개

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