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Learn Korean with EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol, the grammar police, highlighted a very common grammar mistake that Koreans make.

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Essentially되다 is the basic form of 돼요. It is like how 먹다 is the basic form of 먹어요. The problem is that the pronunciation for “되” and “돼” are almost not distinguishable in spoken modern Korean. Thus Koreans get confused between the two.

뵈다is another common verb with the same vowel that’s often used incorrectly.

So here are the correct conjugations for 되다. Mr Oh might want to check out this website which allows you to type in a verb and it automatically lists all the conjugations.

tense/politeness level conjugation
declarative present informal low
declarative present informal high 돼요
declarative present formal low 된다
declarative present formal high 됩니다
past base
declarative past informal low 됐어
declarative past informal high 됐어요
declarative past formal low 됐다
declarative past formal high 됐습니다
future base
declarative future informal low 될 거야
declarative future informal high 될 거예요
declarative future formal low 될 거다
declarative future formal high 될 겁니다
declarative future conditional informal low 되겠어
declarative future conditional informal high 되겠어요
declarative future conditional formal low 되겠다
declarative future conditional formal high 되겠습니다
inquisitive present informal low 돼?
inquisitive present informal high 돼요?
inquisitive present formal low 되니?
inquisitive present formal high 됩니까?
inquisitive past informal low 됐어?
inquisitive past informal high 됐어요?
inquisitive past formal low 됐니?
inquisitive past formal high 됐습니까?
imperative present informal low
imperative present informal high 되세요
imperative present formal low 돼라
imperative present formal high 되십시오
propositive present informal low
propositive present informal high 돼요
propositive present formal low 되자
propositive present formal high 됩시다
connective if 되면
connective and 되고
nominal ing

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