I would like to receive updates from HANOK, how should I go about doing it?
Upon registration, updates will be disseminated via e-mail and SMS. To ensure updates concerning class confirmation and continuation, please inform us of any changes to your contact details!
There are no suitable timings for the classes I want, what should i do?
Drop us an e-mail with your preferred timing to let us know your time and date preference for the level you want and we will inform you when lessons at that timing open up! Alternatively, you may want to opt for our private personal or group lessons.
I would like to apply for make-up lessons, how do i go about doing that?
Please fill in our online make-up lesson form with the dates you’ll be gone and we will suggest the appropriate lessons and dates (subjected to availability).
How should i go about paying?
We accept cash, cheque, i-banking, paynow / paylah and paypal!
I'm not sure which level is suitable for me, what should I do?
Feel free to try our online assessment! If score is over 80%, proceed on to do the next level until score is below 70% and email us with the screenshot. We will arrange the appropriate sit-in-trial lesson for you!
I cannot access the e-learning, what should i do?

Do email us with a screenshot of the problem and we will try to get it fix as soon as possible. However, do take note that as we have to contact the website developer, it may take quite a while.

Are there express classes? (More than once a week)

At the moment we do not have any express classes, however, we do have 2 hour lessons. Do refer to our class schedule for more information.

Do you guys have TOPIK classes?

Unfortunately, we do not conduct lessons specifically for TOPIK. Our lessons cover all aspects of the Korean language.

When will I be ready to take TOPIK I / TOPIK II?

We would encourage students to finish our Basic courses before attempting TOPIK I.

TOPIK II is very challenging and requires a lot of extra practice on your own. We suggest looking through reference books specifically targetted at the exam.

Is your school affiliated to any institutions in Korea?

Yes, we are affiliated with Sogang University. 

Can I get a scholarship to study in Korea?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any scholarships for study in Korea. However, there is a discount for Sogang University Korean Language Education Center.

What books/learning materials do you use for your classes?

We are using Sogang University’s Sogang Korean new series book series as well as our own supplementary worksheets.

Do you guys hold corporate classes?

Yes, we do. Do email us with the details and we will get back to you.

Are your teachers all native Korean?

With the exception of our Principal, all of our teachers are native Koreans. Do check out their profiles at our about section.

Can my child (under 12) join your class?

Our minimum age of enrolment is 12. This is because our classes are structured for for adult learners.

Do you guys issue certificates? / Are the certificates recognised in Korea/Singapore?

The certificate is not recognised. Unfortunately, no certificate in any Korean Language school in Singapore is recognised. The only certification recognised by the Korean Government is TOPIK, which is held twice a year in Singapore.

Do you have other classes other than those stated on the website? Do you have weekend classes at JE / IP?

Our schedules are usually up-to-date. If there isn’t a timeslot that is suitable for you, do drop us an email.

How long is the trial lesson? What do I need to bring?

The trial lesson is around 45mins to 1 hour. You just have to bring your own writing materials.