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Principal’s Message

소중한 학생들에게,

I started HANOK in 2010 with only one classroom. Being a graduate of Sogang University Korean Language Centre, I had wanted my lessons to be interactive and fun. They say mediocre teachers tell, good teachers explain and great teacher inspires. I started learning Korean from scratch myself in 2001, I understand the importance of a capable and motivating teacher. The teachers here play a key role in helping the teachers speak and learn Korean.

These past years, it has been a blessing to work with our team of native Korean teachers who are passionate and dedicated. It is very encouraging to see newbie teachers spend months observing how the language is taught and the teachers are so generous in sharing their teaching ideas with one another. I am deeply humbled when native Korean teachers say that they are inspired that a non-native Korean speaker is teaching their native language and speak it so fluently. And thankful for the students, whose challenging questions and quest for learning keep the teachers on our toes and motivate us to learn just as much as the students are learning.

“The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

Keep on learning!

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