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A review by HangukDrama blogger, an experienced Korean language learner, can be found here:

Hanguk Drama

Big World Small Footsteps

I Am Eunri


More students’ feedback can be found here.

“I like the games because it helps us in memorizing the words and there is a lot of interaction among the students. The weekly spelling and presentation is very helpful as we won’t be able to practise much Korean outside of class… besides the flexible teaching methods, the courses are affordable as well.”

~ Jeanna Seow


“Hanok is able to provide a strong foundation through simple to understand methodologies. The teacher, Ms Wann is an excellent teacher. She is able to use interactive methods and in some cases, real life context to help us apply the language and use it as closely as the natives as possible. She is also well versed in relevant topics such as Korean culture and Kpop so as to relate to the students better.”

~ Martin Tan


“I really appreciated that much work is put on improving our basics and that the lessons gave us time to fully understand what we learnt. At my current school, sometimes I do feel that many things are rushed through and it was hard to absorb everything. I also think that having weekly quizzes is a really effective way to make us study and the games used in classes were fun. While level tests do help, I think continuous assessments are more effective and maybe more quizzes focusing on vocabulary could be given. The many speaking practices were also really effective. I find that Hanok’s class spent more time on speaking than my current school… It was really fun learning at Hanok, so I would still recommend my friends to study at Hanok. And I was learning at a comfortable pace that allowed me to remember and apply what I learnt every week.”

~ Alicia Chua


“Hanok’s classes were very interactive and the use of picture cards were very very useful. Although it is a method to teach growing children, nevertheless, a very effective method in ‘embedding’ Korean vocabulary into the students’ memory… enabled me to speak Korean more boldly as the teacher encourages speaking Korean in class at all times. (Although drinking soju would cause me to speak ‘better’ as I would have no idea what I am saying and would just continue talking like a machine gun – not scientifically proven though) I would definitely recommend my friends to Hanok.”

~ Samuel Ng