Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



  • Kindly note that full payment is required to secure a seat for a class. Your seat is not confirmed until we have received your payment and you receive the receipt confirmation via email or a cash payment receipt.
  • In case of a fully subscribed class, priority is given to students who have made payment.
  • The cost of course materials is included in your school fees. For any request of additional set of materials, HANOK reserves the right to provide the student with a complementary set or charge $10.00 for a new set.

Replacement / Transfer of Classes

  • In the event that a student is unable to attend a lesson, HANOK will strive to find a suitable make-up class for the student only if the student provides the school with a written notice.
  • Notice must be made no later than 1 week after the missed lesson, otherwise it will be taken that the student has forfeited the class.
  • All make-up lessons are arranged at the sole discretion of HANOK and is subject to availability, and they should fall no later than 6 months from the course start date.

Refund Policy

  • Once the registered class is confirmed to start, there will be no refund for cancellation of the lessons by students. A written notice must be provided if student wish to cancel or postpone the class to a later date. The lessons must be completed no longer than 6 months from the starting date of the class payment was intended for. The payment is valid for 6 months.
  • After the 6 months validity period, students who wish to take up classes they have registered for but missed, the fee per lesson is $20.
  • HANOK reserves the right to postpone the start-date of a class if the minimum number of students for class commencement is not met. If the proposed class does not commence after 30 days of the stated start date, student may request for a full refund of payment. A written notice must be provided.


  • HANOK reserves the right to postpone lessons (due to unforeseen circumstances such as the teacher falling ill).
  • Students who wish to take up classes they have not registered for before, the fee per lesson is $35.
  • Images/photographs/pictures of students are deemed property of HANOK and may be used for publicity purposes at its sole discretion.
  • Student's contact information is used for information dissemination about the school and class. A written notice has to be given if the student do not wish to be contacted.
  • By making payment for a course, the student accepts these terms and conditions.
  • HANOK reserves the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions stated.